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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Whew I'm tired

Yesterday we spent the day at home doing laundry and cleaning. Corbin stayed the night at Noveigh's house and was picked up after dinner. Landon and I snuggled on the couch and watched tv until he fell asleep. Today.....ugh well I'm trying to be productive. Corbin is still at Neely's so Landon and I are cleaning the 3rd floor (the boys room) and packing it up. There is NO air conditioning up there, and it smells. The boys haven't played up there since it was cooler out. I am throwing away a TON of toys, books, puzzles. Basically if there is a ripped page..it's gone. If the puzzle is missing a piece it's gone. These are things I've hung on to because I figured the kids would still play with them. Just because the puzzle was missing ONE piece doesnt mean they didn't have fun putting the rest of it together. So I'm done being a hoarder....I can't hang on to this stuff forever just on the off chance the kids "MIGHT" play with it sometime. I just got done doing their puzzle bin....omg it was a mess! All the puzzles were mixed together. I sat and spent the last hour going thru the bin, seperating each puzzle into zip lock bags, going thru the wooden puzzles, throwing away a bunch. They now have 4 floor puzzles in bags, and a small stack of wooden puzzles. I'm now taking a much needed break after not breathing well for an hour lol I'll feel so much better when that room is done....knowing that I just need to shampoo the carpet and then it's done. We have less then a month before we have to be outa this house....not much time left!!! aaaaahhhhh stressed!