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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Damage Control

Ok I did some damage control on my hair. So I decided I was going to get some dark brown hair dye and just use it on the entire head. By doing this I figured that it would take to some areas better then others and most likely leave alot of lighter strips where the blonde was. This happened when my sister had her hair professionally dyed and couldn't afford to get it redone..she just used a box and her hair STILL looked highlighted cause the dye took to certain pieces and not others...of course she has red hair so I should have known it wouldn't work out that nicely for me.

I got a dark dark brown because the last dark brown I got didn't work....

As I was putting it on I KNEW it was strong stuff. I started staining my head right away and every spot of skin it touched. Because of this I didn't leave it in very long..only about 15mins.

Well my hair is now black lol I just can't win. It's no big deal I'm used to it dark so just makes me feel comfortable again. But at the same time I feel bad I wasted so much time trying something different and my sisters time as well (that's not counting the money on the dye).

Oh well here are some pics of my new hair...lol which doesnt look much different from how it looked BEFORE the entire hair dying mishap

Ps...I am bummed that trying something new, different, unique, trendy didn't work out....back to plain jane I go =(


Janna said...

I think it looks beautiful.

PhatMom said...

It's always good to feel comfortable. It looks good. :)