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Sunday, February 17, 2008


So yesterday I headed to the mall to go shopping. I didn't think much about the fact that it was a Saturday, but when I got there the parking lots were filled. I needed to go into Jcpenneys so I wanted to park in that parking lot. I circled the lot at every entrance looking for a spot...with no luck. I was in no rush tho so I just kept driving around. After a while my patience paid off and I caught a woman walking to her car. So I sat there with my signal on and waited for her to get into her car and pull out....this of course took forever! But to my shock and surprise right as she pulled out another car on the other side of her shot into the spot before I had a chance. It was some middle aged woman, and she saw me sitting there waiting. What a bitch!!! I layed on my horn like never before. I was sooooooooooooo mad!!! I was so tempted to roll down my window and tell the lady off. But I had to remind myself that my kids were in the back seat so I bit my tongue and drove off. I did see the lady who had been sitting behind me stop and say something to that car...cause she saw it all happen.
I let it go and continued on looking for a spot. After a couple minutes I caught another car pulling out. So I again sat and waited. They pulled out and I started to moved my car to get into the spot and out of nowhere another car shot into the spot. OMG it happened again! I layed on my horn, rolled down my windows. I was so angry I wasn't sure I could hold my tongue this time. These people got outa their car laughing...guess they thought they were hilarious for stealing some poor girls spot. What they didn't know was that I was PMSing bad!!! Anyone see the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes"? I was soooooo close to turning into "Tawanda" and smashing into their car for stealing my spot. I think I dropped the "F" bomb a couple times in front of the kids which I felt horrible about. All I could do to control my anger was lay on the horn, I sat there and held the horn as they got outa their car to make sure they knew how pissed I was. But then I drove on. I was so upset I was almost in tears, I had to call David and have him calm me down cause I was about to start bawling. I drove around and back up that isle when that same couple passed by my car while walking into the mall I heard them say while laughing "ooohh look how pissed she is".
Why are people like this? I have NEVER had this happen to me before, let alone back to back like that. I've heard stories of people being rude but i've never really encountered it myself. I was in such shock that ANYONE would do that to someone.
I made sure to use this opportunity to teach my kids that when they start to drive to never steal anyone's parking spot....hopefully they remember that bit of advice 10yrs from now.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Landon!

Landon's 5th birthday was on the 3rd of Feb. I am still in shock that he is 5yrs old now. We did not have a party for Landon on the 3rd, mainly cause it was superbowl. But we made sure to make his day as fun as possible.

Landon had mentioned that he wanted to go Ice skating. So that sunday we all went. It was Landon, me, David, corbin, aunt neely, cousin noveigh, uncle ethan, cousin jack, aunt lauren...and my mom came and watched. I was so happy that my other family members came, it really added to the outing.
The kids have never been before so this was a big deal. by the end of the 2hrs corbin was skating all over the place all by himself...landon was going around the rink (holding side) all byhimself. We were all acting goofy, having races and things like that. I fell once lol everyone laughed.

After ice skating we went grocery shopping to get our munchies for superbowl...kids got to help pick them out. Then we got home and we all sat around and watched the game. Me and landon ended up falling asleep on the couch before it was over lol We're lame. David and corbin finished the game together.

He had a great birthday!

My little guy is getting so old. He's almost as tall as corbin. They are both basically wearing the same size shoe and alot of clothes...and they are 2.5yrs apart. He is super skinny and lengthy....I joke about it all the time...you see his ribs when his shirt is off...its creepy lol but the boy is a pig and he's healthy. Hopefully he fills out more as he gets older.

It's so weird only having older kids. Everyone around me has little ones in their house and I don't. Not that I really want a little one again lol but it's strange only having older kids. I almost feel like I don't fit in in alot of places anymore. They seem to older for mall play area's now. Whenever I go tot playgroups everyone is chancing their toddlers around while I just sit there. I don't have to worry about a diaper bag, or making sure i have snacks and a sippy cup with me at all times, or a stroller. Only thing I have to think about is making sure the boys go pee before we leave the house lol

They make thier own breakfast, pick out their own clothes, put on their own shoes, brush their own teeth, they play outside by themselves, they know how to hook up the dvd players or playstation, they put away their own folder laundry................this all sounds great to alot of people i'm sure. But at the same time it's kind of depressing when your kids don't need you for much anymore =(

I'm not sure what I would do with another baby if I had one, talk about starting over!

I'm sure when the time is right i'll be ready to do it.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hanging out at David's

After the workshop, I left the girls and went to David's place. We ended up staying there till Wed. So we were gone for about 5days......it was pretty relaxing and enjoyable but David was working the majority of the time so it was a little boring. But when David wasn't working we went to Chuck E cheese's, the mall, our to dinner, hung out at his store for a little bit, went shopping, hung out at his place. We went to dinner at this place in the Dulles townecenter mall...it was called Vapiano's. It was this very interesting Italian place. They give you these little credit card looking things...you go up to the counter and order your food....it's put on your card....as well as your drinks from the bar. The tables were these long tables with stools. We got a big salad to share and a pizza. OMG the salad was the best i've EVER had......it was amazing. The pizza was pretty average...but still good. Once you are done and ready to check out you go to the cashier and they scan your card and you pay for whats on it. Very interesting lol I really liked the place! I love trying out new things like that. Me and the kids had a good little mini vacation.....had to come home on Wed cause I had to work. Been working every night ....tonights the last night of the 4 thank goodness. I'm off for the next two days! yay

Ohana Mau Loa's trip to Nova Pt 2

So Saturday morning Neely, Hannah, Dusty, Krista and myself headed to Arlington to the Hula workshop.

We got to the school it was being held at and we all got very nervous. Most of us were hesitant about the workshop because we didn't know how hard it would be as well as how many other "white girls" would be there. So we got to the parking lot and we didn't see a single white face going in........and to understand why we would be nervous about this you have to understand that alot of times Pacific islanders feel that you need to be from Hawaii or have it in your blood to dance Hula. In alot of places you would get made fun of for being white and being a hula dancer.

Clearly we couldn't sit in the car all day so we forced ourselves inside. Once inside it all changed, we were greeted with open arms and made to feel very welcome! I almost felt bad for thinking that they wouldn't want us there. We were given name tags and they a gift bag. They served breakfast for everyone as well. We found a corner in the room to put our stuff and started getting ready. Everything started at 10am, Kumu Hula Keith Kalanikau Awai taught us for about 2hrs, then we were served a wonderful lunch and then danced for another 2hrs.
It was one of the most amazing experiences i've had while dancing Hula. The people that were there, learning new moves, new words, and feeling like I was learning so much more about the hawaiian culture. It was great!
At one point they were giving away prizes...to people that were the oldest, the youngest, lived the farthest...things like that. And when there was one prize left the lady talking said in front of everyone something about the "shy girls from the south" lol she was talking about our group. Well we were then given a hula CD.

On that day we learned 4 new dances from Kumu Keith, and left there feeling wonderful...and wanting to go back. Hell I didn't want to leave lol

I just got sent this link.....their was a photographer there and here are some pics from the workshop


There are 33 pics, check them out....very cool!

Ohana Mau Loa's trip to Nova pt 1

'Ohana Mau Loa, my hula and tahitian group planned a trip to Arlington to attend a Hula workshop. We were all going to drive up the morning of and leaving and come home right after. A week before the workshop I got a call from the Calypso nuts, another local performance group....check out their website (Calysponuts.com). They are a local band....they do alot of island music. We've worked with them before at other events. Well they were doing a show in Manassas called the Midwinter Meltdown. They just happen to sing one of the songs we have a dance to, so they wanted to know if we would drive up there and dance this one song as they sang it. In return they would get us 2 hotel rooms at the hotel it was being held at. This was really the ideal situation....we could drive up the night before and stay in the hotel and then hit the workshop the next day. We all got very excited.

So Friday night I took Dusty and Krista and the boys in my car and we drove the 3hrs to the hotel in Manassas. David met us in the parking lot at the Quality inn and took the kids to his place. We then headed inside to find the Calypso's. After finding them and getting our room keys we went to get our room and get settled. Shortly after Neely, Hannah their hubbies and babies showed up and got into their room.

After getting ready, and talking with the Calypso's about the show we headed up to where this big party was being held. We basically had to hide in a closet because they wanted us to be a big surprise for the crowd. Finally when it was time for us to perform...they introduced us. They did it in such a way to made us like the guest of honors or something....we walked out and everyone was thrilled. Now these were a bunch of drunk parrotheads lol They were hilarious! Just being there in that atmosphere was great....there was no way NOT to have a good time. We did our once dance and everyone loved it, we were a hit!!

After we got changed we went out and mingled a bit. We had so many people coming up to us telling us awesome we were. The Calypso's came up and was just raving about us....and asked us to dance in their new promo video they will be filming. It was pretty cool.....I don't think any of us wanted to leave the party, but we all knew we had to get up early for the workshop so we went back to the rooms and went to bed. We left there on Sat morning feeling great about the show we had just done!