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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hanging out at David's

After the workshop, I left the girls and went to David's place. We ended up staying there till Wed. So we were gone for about 5days......it was pretty relaxing and enjoyable but David was working the majority of the time so it was a little boring. But when David wasn't working we went to Chuck E cheese's, the mall, our to dinner, hung out at his store for a little bit, went shopping, hung out at his place. We went to dinner at this place in the Dulles townecenter mall...it was called Vapiano's. It was this very interesting Italian place. They give you these little credit card looking things...you go up to the counter and order your food....it's put on your card....as well as your drinks from the bar. The tables were these long tables with stools. We got a big salad to share and a pizza. OMG the salad was the best i've EVER had......it was amazing. The pizza was pretty average...but still good. Once you are done and ready to check out you go to the cashier and they scan your card and you pay for whats on it. Very interesting lol I really liked the place! I love trying out new things like that. Me and the kids had a good little mini vacation.....had to come home on Wed cause I had to work. Been working every night ....tonights the last night of the 4 thank goodness. I'm off for the next two days! yay