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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Landon!

Landon's 5th birthday was on the 3rd of Feb. I am still in shock that he is 5yrs old now. We did not have a party for Landon on the 3rd, mainly cause it was superbowl. But we made sure to make his day as fun as possible.

Landon had mentioned that he wanted to go Ice skating. So that sunday we all went. It was Landon, me, David, corbin, aunt neely, cousin noveigh, uncle ethan, cousin jack, aunt lauren...and my mom came and watched. I was so happy that my other family members came, it really added to the outing.
The kids have never been before so this was a big deal. by the end of the 2hrs corbin was skating all over the place all by himself...landon was going around the rink (holding side) all byhimself. We were all acting goofy, having races and things like that. I fell once lol everyone laughed.

After ice skating we went grocery shopping to get our munchies for superbowl...kids got to help pick them out. Then we got home and we all sat around and watched the game. Me and landon ended up falling asleep on the couch before it was over lol We're lame. David and corbin finished the game together.

He had a great birthday!

My little guy is getting so old. He's almost as tall as corbin. They are both basically wearing the same size shoe and alot of clothes...and they are 2.5yrs apart. He is super skinny and lengthy....I joke about it all the time...you see his ribs when his shirt is off...its creepy lol but the boy is a pig and he's healthy. Hopefully he fills out more as he gets older.

It's so weird only having older kids. Everyone around me has little ones in their house and I don't. Not that I really want a little one again lol but it's strange only having older kids. I almost feel like I don't fit in in alot of places anymore. They seem to older for mall play area's now. Whenever I go tot playgroups everyone is chancing their toddlers around while I just sit there. I don't have to worry about a diaper bag, or making sure i have snacks and a sippy cup with me at all times, or a stroller. Only thing I have to think about is making sure the boys go pee before we leave the house lol

They make thier own breakfast, pick out their own clothes, put on their own shoes, brush their own teeth, they play outside by themselves, they know how to hook up the dvd players or playstation, they put away their own folder laundry................this all sounds great to alot of people i'm sure. But at the same time it's kind of depressing when your kids don't need you for much anymore =(

I'm not sure what I would do with another baby if I had one, talk about starting over!

I'm sure when the time is right i'll be ready to do it.