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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ohana Mau Loa's trip to Nova pt 1

'Ohana Mau Loa, my hula and tahitian group planned a trip to Arlington to attend a Hula workshop. We were all going to drive up the morning of and leaving and come home right after. A week before the workshop I got a call from the Calypso nuts, another local performance group....check out their website (Calysponuts.com). They are a local band....they do alot of island music. We've worked with them before at other events. Well they were doing a show in Manassas called the Midwinter Meltdown. They just happen to sing one of the songs we have a dance to, so they wanted to know if we would drive up there and dance this one song as they sang it. In return they would get us 2 hotel rooms at the hotel it was being held at. This was really the ideal situation....we could drive up the night before and stay in the hotel and then hit the workshop the next day. We all got very excited.

So Friday night I took Dusty and Krista and the boys in my car and we drove the 3hrs to the hotel in Manassas. David met us in the parking lot at the Quality inn and took the kids to his place. We then headed inside to find the Calypso's. After finding them and getting our room keys we went to get our room and get settled. Shortly after Neely, Hannah their hubbies and babies showed up and got into their room.

After getting ready, and talking with the Calypso's about the show we headed up to where this big party was being held. We basically had to hide in a closet because they wanted us to be a big surprise for the crowd. Finally when it was time for us to perform...they introduced us. They did it in such a way to made us like the guest of honors or something....we walked out and everyone was thrilled. Now these were a bunch of drunk parrotheads lol They were hilarious! Just being there in that atmosphere was great....there was no way NOT to have a good time. We did our once dance and everyone loved it, we were a hit!!

After we got changed we went out and mingled a bit. We had so many people coming up to us telling us awesome we were. The Calypso's came up and was just raving about us....and asked us to dance in their new promo video they will be filming. It was pretty cool.....I don't think any of us wanted to leave the party, but we all knew we had to get up early for the workshop so we went back to the rooms and went to bed. We left there on Sat morning feeling great about the show we had just done!