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Sunday, February 17, 2008


So yesterday I headed to the mall to go shopping. I didn't think much about the fact that it was a Saturday, but when I got there the parking lots were filled. I needed to go into Jcpenneys so I wanted to park in that parking lot. I circled the lot at every entrance looking for a spot...with no luck. I was in no rush tho so I just kept driving around. After a while my patience paid off and I caught a woman walking to her car. So I sat there with my signal on and waited for her to get into her car and pull out....this of course took forever! But to my shock and surprise right as she pulled out another car on the other side of her shot into the spot before I had a chance. It was some middle aged woman, and she saw me sitting there waiting. What a bitch!!! I layed on my horn like never before. I was sooooooooooooo mad!!! I was so tempted to roll down my window and tell the lady off. But I had to remind myself that my kids were in the back seat so I bit my tongue and drove off. I did see the lady who had been sitting behind me stop and say something to that car...cause she saw it all happen.
I let it go and continued on looking for a spot. After a couple minutes I caught another car pulling out. So I again sat and waited. They pulled out and I started to moved my car to get into the spot and out of nowhere another car shot into the spot. OMG it happened again! I layed on my horn, rolled down my windows. I was so angry I wasn't sure I could hold my tongue this time. These people got outa their car laughing...guess they thought they were hilarious for stealing some poor girls spot. What they didn't know was that I was PMSing bad!!! Anyone see the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes"? I was soooooo close to turning into "Tawanda" and smashing into their car for stealing my spot. I think I dropped the "F" bomb a couple times in front of the kids which I felt horrible about. All I could do to control my anger was lay on the horn, I sat there and held the horn as they got outa their car to make sure they knew how pissed I was. But then I drove on. I was so upset I was almost in tears, I had to call David and have him calm me down cause I was about to start bawling. I drove around and back up that isle when that same couple passed by my car while walking into the mall I heard them say while laughing "ooohh look how pissed she is".
Why are people like this? I have NEVER had this happen to me before, let alone back to back like that. I've heard stories of people being rude but i've never really encountered it myself. I was in such shock that ANYONE would do that to someone.
I made sure to use this opportunity to teach my kids that when they start to drive to never steal anyone's parking spot....hopefully they remember that bit of advice 10yrs from now.