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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ohana Mau Loa's trip to Nova Pt 2

So Saturday morning Neely, Hannah, Dusty, Krista and myself headed to Arlington to the Hula workshop.

We got to the school it was being held at and we all got very nervous. Most of us were hesitant about the workshop because we didn't know how hard it would be as well as how many other "white girls" would be there. So we got to the parking lot and we didn't see a single white face going in........and to understand why we would be nervous about this you have to understand that alot of times Pacific islanders feel that you need to be from Hawaii or have it in your blood to dance Hula. In alot of places you would get made fun of for being white and being a hula dancer.

Clearly we couldn't sit in the car all day so we forced ourselves inside. Once inside it all changed, we were greeted with open arms and made to feel very welcome! I almost felt bad for thinking that they wouldn't want us there. We were given name tags and they a gift bag. They served breakfast for everyone as well. We found a corner in the room to put our stuff and started getting ready. Everything started at 10am, Kumu Hula Keith Kalanikau Awai taught us for about 2hrs, then we were served a wonderful lunch and then danced for another 2hrs.
It was one of the most amazing experiences i've had while dancing Hula. The people that were there, learning new moves, new words, and feeling like I was learning so much more about the hawaiian culture. It was great!
At one point they were giving away prizes...to people that were the oldest, the youngest, lived the farthest...things like that. And when there was one prize left the lady talking said in front of everyone something about the "shy girls from the south" lol she was talking about our group. Well we were then given a hula CD.

On that day we learned 4 new dances from Kumu Keith, and left there feeling wonderful...and wanting to go back. Hell I didn't want to leave lol

I just got sent this link.....their was a photographer there and here are some pics from the workshop


There are 33 pics, check them out....very cool!