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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Look mom it's a bird!"

So there are a million ways to get woken up in the morning. Most people opt for an alarm clock, maybe their kids, their spouse, maybe they like to wake up to the sun, or a radio.
But I have to say, the way I got woken up the other morning has to be the best (sarcasm). I normally am a late sleeper, I am a night owl NOT a morning person. I love my sleep! I stay up late and sleep late.....it works for me. 8am is early for me.
So two mornings ago I got woken up at 8am in a not so fun way. A bird flying around my bedroom! My son was freaking out and yelling "mom, look it's a bird!". I jumped outa bed. I really had no clue what I was going to do to get this bird out. I ran around the house and opened every window. The house was freezing. I ran around the house with a broom in hand trying to lead the bird in the right direction. The poor thing kept trying to fly out a high window by my stairs and he'd run right into it, then sit on the window sill dazed and confused. I felt so bad it. I was scared I wouldn't get it out. After awhile of me running around with a broom (which i'm sure looked pretty funny) trying to follow this bird flying around my house he finally went into the computer room and flew out the window. I then went around and shut all the windows.....burr it was cold.
Now how did this bird get into my house you ask....?!?!?
Well my shitty ass house doesnt have screens on any of the windows. Just something I guess my shitty ass landlord didn't feel a need to invest in @@
My bedroom gets all the heat in the house, so for me to keep the house warm enough my bedroom turns into a sauna. So I crack the windows to let in fresh air so I can sleep. This is obviously how the bird got into my bedroom.
I'm not going to be shutting my bedroom windows any time soon, so I guess i'll just have to make do with my new wildlife friends.