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Monday, July 7, 2008


Start of the day.....I slept in to late. Most people would consider this a luxery but for me it's a huge issue of mine. My kids wake up hours before I do. I set my alarm and I never wake up. Now luckily I have older kids so there is no real danger involved here. They know not to use the toaster, microwave, oven, knives, or to go outside while i'm sleeping...and they do great about listening. My kids wake up, make their own cereal and watch tv or play until I join the land of the living.

I watch my nephew 5days a week for my sister...it is a job, I get paid. Now that school is out my 11yr old nephew is here at my house everyday from 8am to 6pm. I woke up this morning and the 3 boys were playing nicely up on the 3rd floor. I heard a lot of laughing and good happy sounds. That is until they realized that I was awake.......oh then chaos started. They were fighting, hitting, name calling. Literally every 5mins it was "Mommy, Jack did this"...or "Jenna, Corbin did this". I was SO fed up that I told them all to get outside and play and they were not allowed back in until I said they could.

Once outside they all sat and pouted on the front porch and then started fighting there. They assume I can't see or hear everything that goes on...but how wrong they are! They kept coming to the door yelling and crying AGAIN...of course telling me some ridiculous story that wasn't even near the truth (I heard everything). Again after a bit of this I got fed up again....so I told them to come inside and watch tv...no one was allowed to talk, just sit quietly and watch...Yes I asked the TV to babysit but I was at my wits end.

I walked over to my parents house to get come coffee ( I was outa sugar and my parents live next door) and within 5mins they came crying to me about yet another fight. Oh boy I really didn't know what to do.
I went back home, took my kids upstairs with me and left Jack downstairs by himself. I figured the only thing left to do was to seperate them. So I made the boys help me pack my bedroom (we are moving in a few weeks). Jack was complaining that he had a headache, yet still wanted to go play with my brother (12yrs old)...when I told him no he got pissed at me and called his Mother. Little bit later my Sister called me and was like "What's going on, Jack just called upset". I explained the situation to her and how we were having a rough day. I said Jack had a headache but at the same time wanted to play with Ethan so it couldn't be that bad...I basically insinuated that he was faking. My sister decided to leave work early and come get him. I was NOT at all unhappy with this plan...in fact I was thrilled.

Of course when my sister got here she hugged Jack and said "oh he's warm". She thought he wasn't feeling well and thats why his behaviour was so bad. I still questioned it but kept my mouth shut. She left and took him home and I went on with my day.

We packed up half my room, went to Sally's beauty supplies, hit up Target, went to CiCis pizza for dinner and then came home. As I pulled up to my house my sister called me to tell me that Jack was running a really high fever and she won't be going to work tomorrow, and that he's been lying on the couch since she brought him home.

Don't I feel like an ASS!

Tomorrow is a filled day, but hopefully a better one!


PhatMom said...

Sounds like my house EVERY SINGLE DAY...well, minus the sick kid...BUT if the extra kid was here, there would be fighting all the damn time if I was up and complete silence and happiness while I was upstairs in bed. Funny how that works, eh? Kids.

Jewllori by Lori said...

OH MAN!!! Don't you just love when that happens? I did that to my own son once, he was acting crazy and bad, and whining and such, and I just chalked it up to a bad mood. Little did I know he was getting his second year molars...poor fella! He ran a super high fever, was throwing up..etc. Ugh!