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Friday, July 4, 2008

Hillbilly Brothers lol

I had so much fun last night. I headed out around 915ish, and met up with friends at a place called Kelly's tavern. Some of my sisters and other friends were going to Saddleridge (country bar) but I just didn't feel like going there and had already committed to going out with Erica.

Sitting at the bar we met these two goofy brothers named Andy and Larry, I guess Erica had met them last week and said they were hilarious. So we sat and chatted with them. Andy who seemed to be the more outgoing brother was the smaller of the two and had a very strong southern accent...omg everything he said was hilarious. Not in a great sense of humor kinda way but in a dorky, awkward, hillbilly kinda way lol

We were so close to having him agree to allowing Erica to give him a reverse Mohawk.....i'm still bummed that didn't happen =(

Andy wanted a picture of him between Erica and myself.....we made him kiss his brother before we would agree to pose for the picture....lol we are so mean

Andy allowed Erica to autograph his tiny little bird chest.......I think he was just thrilled that she had to get close to him to do it lol

At one point the brothers said they were going to a different bar cause they wanted to find girls to get kisses from cause me and Erica weren't cooperating lol Andy was doing something and asked Erica to hold his wallet, she took it and stuck it in her shirt to be funny. Well then they left....after they walked out of the door Erica said "wait for it, wait for it........I still have his wallet". lol

45mins later Andy came running back into Kelly's and yelled from across the bar "My wallet's in your bra".........now picture that being said with a southern hillbilly kinda accent....it's freaking hilarious!

The Brother's were funny and so much fun to mess with. Guys like that who are funny when drinking, are overly flirtatious even when you tell them you are married, and try very hard to get you to kiss them even when you tell them to get away from you..........they deserve what they got lol And I bet they loved every minute of it. They kept saying "omg I can't believe you girls are talking to us" lol

So went out with friends, had TONS of laughs............last night was a success!