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Monday, June 16, 2008

Whew Saturday

Saturday started out pretty lazy. David left before we even woke up. We went over to my parents house so I could get some coffee...the boys just played outside for a while.

I knew I wanted to head to the mall that day, mainly because I got wiped out at the beach on friday and lost my sunglasses....so I needed to go buy some new ones. So I got me and the boys ready and we headed out.

We were all hungry so I stopped at one of our favorite chinese buffets for lunch. It's SO good they have a mongolian section and a sushi bar.....which is pretty much all I eat..but they have the rest of the buffet food that really isn't very good. But the mongolian and suhi make up for it!

After lunch we headed to JCpenneys. I have a gift card there so I knew that's where I wanted to buy my sunglasses. I really had no luck at all finding any. They were all just "eh ok"...yet 20bucks @@ ya no thanks. I ended up getting Theseus 3 pairs of shorts (clearance 2.99) 4 tank tops for me (clearance 5.59) two towels for the kids (3.99) and some summer kid dishes that were on sale 70% off. So I did pretty good.

When I was standing in line to pay the boys asked if they could go to the restrooms....they were like 10feets away so I said sure go ahead. Well I went thru the line, paid and finished and they were still in there! So I went to the bathroom and Corbin came out of the family bathroom saying that I better get in there. Of course that never sounds good. I went inside and there was poop everywhere. Poor Corbin tried to handle it and clearn it up but he just didn't do a very good job. Landon I guess couldn't hold and it and exploded...it was gross and liquid...ugh
So I spent the next 30mins cleaning the bathroom, cleaning Landon, washing his clothes in the sink. I had to put him in one of the pairs of shorts I bought for the baby lol Hey I had to make it outa the store. I was very stressed and frustrated at that point.

I then got a call from Lauren asking me why I wasn't at the ball field for Jack's championship game. I told him landon pooped his pants in the mall and she shut her mouth real quick and said she was sorry lol

So after we got home and bathed landon, got a new set of clothes...we finally headed to the ball game. It was a big event. They had free food, big blow up jumpy thing for the kids, dunk tanks...they really made it awesome for the kids.

The ball game was intense! They stayed pretty even the entire game...even had to go into an extra inning cause they were stuck at 3-3. But the other team scored one more run and that was the end of the game. So Jack lost, but man did they put up a good fight!!!! Very proud!


Janna said...

Yikes, Jenna! What a day! One day they'll grow out of it, right? Sigh... I don't want to know the answer.