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Friday, June 27, 2008

Forever Young

So I put on the movie "Forever Young". I haven't seen it in forever but it was on one of the movie channels so I recorded it. For those that haven't seen this movie is stars Mel Gibson and he has his body frozen in the 1920's and then 2 boys stumble across his body and of course he defrosts and comes back to life lol The movie makes no sense but it's a love story and I like it.


It got me thinking of the 60min special or was it 20/20 I have no clue...it was about the process of Cryopreservation. It's the process of freezing the body to be brought back to life at some point in the future. This concept seriously freaks me out. People actually pay like 150,000 to have their body frozen for the slight possibility of science figuring out how to bring them back to life in the future so they can in a way "live forever". But if your frugal you can pay just a mere 50,000 to have your brain frozen so someday scientists can clone the rest of your body. How insane is this? The famous baseball player Ted Williams is frozen right now (I don't really know who this is but I read it lol). I read that his head is actually frozen seperately...gross!

Why would anyone do this? As of right now we (*we meaning doctors, scientists) don't know how to revive these frozen bodies yet....and no one knows if *we will ever know. So basically you freeze your body in hope that they will figure it out one day. This is all just to disturbing for me to truely comprehend. People are actually frozen right now as I type this, head down in big metal tubes all over the country. Why would anyone want to live forever? If *we were actually able to revive a body at any time that person would most likely come back as a vegetable.

So who else is completely freaked out by this? Anyone know someone who has paid to have it done to their body? Opinions?