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Friday, June 27, 2008

Found a bathing suit! Yay

So today i'm feeling MUCH better! It was a sauna in my room last night because my upstairs AC isn't working very well...so I had broken sleep, but I went to bed fairly early so it was fine. I woke up around 7:30am....anyone who knows me knows that I NEVER see this time of day. My butt is never outa bed before 9am. But today I woke up at 7:30 and was wide awake. It was strange being up that early. I ended up getting out and running errands before 11am, and home again before 3pm. I feel like my day should be over now but it's no where near lol I guess being up in the early morning has some advantages...you get more done in a day...but at the same time I think by the kids bedtime I'm going to be really stressed.

Anyway, so I headed out to Walmart to buy a fan for my bedroom, I just can't take another night like that. So I found the fan I wanted and just happened to glance at the bathing suits, I saw a few that looked cute and I tried them on. I was shocked but one actually looked good! Ok well as good as it can look anyway. I have to work with what I got lol It's a one piece but it's the Monokini style. Here is a picture of one similar. The one I got is turqouise blue and striped. What was even better about the bathing suit is that it was only 19.97! I never find bathing suits that price. This one is cute and covered my ugly mommy belly but doesnt make me feel like a soccer mom! Girl's weekend is in 3 weeks, and now i'm set! After Walmart I stopped at Sonic to get the boys a slushie, then hit a thrift store which was PACKED ugh! Then I stopped by the YMCA to look into a membership (want to look better in that bathing suit). From my income and the fact that I live alone with the boys it looks like I could get a Y membership for like $15 a month with no start up fee! yay! I'm going to work on doing that. They want pay stubs and I don't have those so we'll see what I can do. After the Y we stopped by Laurens house to see how she was feeling (she just had surgery)...she seemed find..doped up and feeling good lol Now we are home.......whew I feel like it should be 8pm already but it's only 440. We are hanging at home for the rest of the day, it's getting ready to storm and I need to figure out what i'm going to make for dinner.


Janna said...

Wow, I don't think I could pull that off ever. I want to see pictures of you in it. :)

Jenna said...

Oh i'm sure you could!! You are way skinnier then I am even pregnant lol