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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday- 21st

This past week is kind of a blur, I was trying to think back to each day to remember what we did but I honestly have no clue!

I know we've been to the beach a few times. I've had to take Jack to his baseball practices everyday. Hula meeting on Tuesday, went out for a few drinks with my friend that night. Wednesday we went to the Virginia living museum with friends, Thursday cleaned and went out to dinner with my friend that night, friday cleaned I think lol Just normal stuff I geuss.

Yesterday, Saturday was busy though. Day started out with Jack's first All stars baseball game. But before I could head there I had to drop off the Hula bin at Neely's house, then hit the bank to cash a check, then get some coffee and then to the game. Game lasted till 12pm and then we had to head up to Newport news to the Dance recital. Lauren's ballet classes were in the first recital at 1pm...which were adorable. Then the 2nd recital started at 3pm for Noveigh's dance team and the hula/tahitian dances neely teaches. So we were there from 1-4pm. Then we left and went home. I had to eat and get ready as fast as I could. David drove down so he met me at the house. Then at 5pm we left the kids with my parents and met up at Laurens house. It was Me, David, Lauren, guy Rob, Marisha (it was her bday), Hannah. We piled into my mother car (sat more people) and headed down to Va beach for the Bill Joel concert.

I have been to many concerts at the Amphitheatre...but WOW is all I can say. I have never seen so many people before. We had AWESOME seats!!! very close and dead center. Marisha and Hannah had lawn seats...I felt bad for them =( The concert was amazing!!!
Took us about an hour to drive home...counting getting outa the parking lot...not to bad. We started a fire in my parents backyard and hung out some more after the kids were in bed. It was a long day, but a very enjoyable day!