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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This week

David came down for the concert on Saturday and his boss Paul told him to take a few days so he got to stay till Tuesday.

We didn't do much, lack of funds lol We just hung out really. Jack has had baseball games everyday for the Allstars so we've been to all of those....we always enjoy ourselves.
We hit the pool a couple times, the kids had a blast doing canon balls off the diving board....and a few belly flops here and there lol

Tuesday I had our Hula meeting, we went over a new dance we just learned and then started another one. Of course there was far more talking and chatting then there was actual working lol like always.
I left there around 3pm, took Hannah home, I watched theseus for 40mins till Marisha got home from work. I was going to have to Babysit Neely's kids at 4 but last minute she canceled. Then I was also going to have to watch my friend Rachels kids at 445 and last minute she canceled cause her hubby got home early lol I everyone canceled on me...not that I minded really. I went to go meet David and the boys at the pool but right as I got there they were heading out....oh well.

Today we are going to the Beach with some friends, and then another one of Jack's baseball games.....there is a chance I might go out for some drinks with Marisha...but not sure yet.

I was going to head up to David's this week but decided not to. I feel a little guilty about it but at the same time I just can't go up there and be trapped in an apartment for a week when it's summer and my kids want to be out at the beach or pool....and so do I.

If he didn't have to work all day everyday while we are there it would be different...but it sucks. I go up there and end up being alone with the kids in a strange area I don't know, in an apartment...just not cool.

Well off to get ready for the sun...of course that is if the smoke doesn't force us back indoors (NC fires)