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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Got hit by the bug

Yesteday the boys and I had a wonderful time at the beach! It was perfect beach weather...in Hampton anyway. Actually we had an advisory out saying that elderly and childrens should only be out for an hour at a time because of a debry warning. We've had bad smoke here from the NC fires for the last few weeks...well I guess today they put out a warning saying they didn't want people breathing it in.

But in Hampton it was nice and clear, no smell of camp fire like we've become acustomed to. So I took advantage of the last of smoke and headed to the beach. From Newport news all the way to Richmond was bad though...Hampton just got lucky.

We spent a good 4hrs there, I got tons of sun and kids had a blast.....we had friends with us to which always makes it more enjoyable.

Later I dropped the kids off at the baseball game with my parents, and headed to meet Marisha and Hannah out for drinks. We didn't know it but the bar we picked was having Karaoke last night so it was hilarious. It was a good night.

UNTIL about 4am when I woke up with horrible stomach cramps and feeling sick to my stomach. I was up most of the night until I finally threw up and felt good enough to sleep. I think I caught a stomach bug that has been going around cause i've been throwin up about every 30mins since it started =( I really hope my kids don't get this.

So my day is going to be spent laying on the couch, sipping ginger ale, and trying to find things to keep the boys occupied.


Janna said...

Oh, Jenna, I'm so sorry you're sick! AND to be with the children alone, too. How awful! I wish I were there to make you chicken soup. :)