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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Father's day (trying to catch up)

I am really far behind on my blogging. I have pictures back from last week on Father's day that I still haven't uploaded from my camera. My camera battery is dead and I can't find the charger @@ Oh well so i'll just write about it instead of posting pictures.

On Father's day we had no plans. David wasn't able to come down so I had decided we were going to just hang at home..I planned on dying my hair.

Around 12pm Corbin started acting funny, visibly upset. I sat down and asked him what was up. He was VERY upset that we were not spending Father's Day with David. I tried to explain to him that Father's day can be anyday...we could celebrate it in the few days when we would see him. But that didn't fly with Corbin...he was very emotionally upset by him not being with his Daddy. So I called David up and I asked him if he would be able to meet us in Richmond. Richmond is kinda of our middle point. it's about an hour and 20mins for me...and hour and 40 for him. So we agreed to meet in Richmond at 5pm. Once I told the boys we were going they were thrilled!

So we got ready and headed out around 3pm. About 20mins into our drive we hit traffic. It was the worst traffic I had been in for awhile. It was a slow crawl the entire way to Richmond...took us the 2 full hours to get there.

We met David at a place called O'charleys for dinner. The boys gave him his Father's day gift. Then we headed over to a near by park to play. It was in a wooded park so once they got sick of playing on the playground we walked the trails in the woods(my favorite part). After the park we headed to Dairy Queen for some ice cream, and then found a grassy field to throw around a football....I tried but i'm not very good. After all that was done it was about 8pm and I needed to head home....so we said goodbye to David and we drove home. The boys left very satisfied and happy and slept great that night!


Janna said...

Good for you all! I bet that memory will be a lasting one for both the boys and for David.