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Monday, April 21, 2008

Corbin will never be a doctor

I was sitting here on the couch looking thru my Good Housekeeping magazine and Corbin can running into the room. He said "I need help"...with panic in his voice. So I of course jumped up and said "what?". He was holding his foot and about to cry...he said he had cut his foot. I saw the panic in his face and I KNEW what was coming. So I picked him up and laid him on the couch. I looked at his foot and there was a TINY drop of blood coming from a TINY spot on his foot lol Right as I started pressing a napkin to this TINY spot I saw him go out. He fainted...I knew it was coming. His body goes stiff, his eyes stair into space and dialate. This lasts for about 10seconds and then you see the confused look come to his face. So after his passed out he just laid on the couch for a while until he felt better. While he's doing this he cries and covers his face. I tried to show him that it was just a tiny spot on his foot and the blood was gone..but he flipped out and started yelling at me so I just let it go. This happens pretty much everytime he cuts himself. He's not as bad when it's someone else...but if it's HIS blood then he freaks out. Nose bleeds don't seem to bother him as much, I think it's because there is no pain involved with it...but if it's a cut then he's out like a light. Poor Jack had to walk to Hannah's house in the rain today because of the fainting episode...I wasn't able to meet him at the school in time...he was soaking wet when I picked him up from Hannah's lol I wonder what kind of profession Corbin will go into....certainly nothing that involves blood...so no Doctor for him. Of course I don't think i'd ever want him to be a doctor anyway .....they are brainwashed lol


Anonymous said...

oh poor corbin it must be hard on him does he remerber go out does he know anything about it ?