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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hand painted eggs

Today we had our weekly Hula Meeting. I was there till around 3pm but we didn't even get much done other then a lineup for one of our upcoming shows. I don't care for days like that. It seems like we waste so much time talking about stuff that is not even Hula related. Dusty one of my Hula sisters is 6weeks pregnant and decided to have a homebirth. This is her 4th child, and decided to try something different I guess. Well the first half of the meeting was spent talking to her about this and sharing our stories and knowledge. While that is great and all, we got very little work done because of it.

I picked up Jack from school at 3pm and headed home with all the kids. I realized as I walked in my front door that my Mantle in my dining room looked different. After studying it for a while I realized why. I had two hand painted eggs hanging on hooks and they were gone. These were made by Hannah. She had blown out the yolk and hand painted them for Easter. She let us pick which ones we wanted to keep. I picked out my favorite and had decided to display them on my mantle. After I noticed they were gone I started to panic and asked the kids where they went. The boys admitted to smashing them!!! Omg I was sooooooooooooo mad. I guess Jack had done it first "Cause he felt like it" as he put it. Then I believe Corbin did the 2nd one...most likely to look cool like Jack.

I was holding back tears, and swear words as I dealt with them. Why are boys so distructive? I just don't understand why anyone would do that. I basically had to get the boys out of my face or I was going to blow up at them. I sent Corbin to his room to clean it. I sent Jack on the front porch to clean and sweep, and Landon had the dining room (for not telling on the boys).
I guess I really scared the boys because they all did what I said without a single complaint. They knew they had done wrong!

Can you tell what kind of a week i've had? Man I need a night out!


Janna said...

I'm sorry you lost both of your Hannah-painted eggs, Jenna. I'm sure they were beautiful!