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Thursday, April 10, 2008

My day

Today we spent the day out of the house. We left this morning around 11am, packed with our sack lunches to my friend Dusty's house. We have a Hula show tomorrow night and Dusty and I are doing a Tahitian Duet. We needed to run over a few details before the show. So we hung out at her house for a couple hours and practices while the kids played outside. It was the first sunny day in over a week. We had some really nasty weather that has passed through here recently. We've been trapped inside, all baseball games have been canceled. So we were thrilled when we woke up this morning to the sun shining!

Around 1:30pm we all headed over to Deer park. Dusty and I met Neely, our friends Rachael and Rachel there. It was SO nice out. It actually got hot. Kids were complaining that they had to much clothes on lol I believe it got up to around 75degrees today. Our weather is so strange here. One day it will be 40degrees and the next 80...you just never know.

We stayed at the park till around 4pm and then headed home. I got Corbin ready for his baseball game and got him there by 5pm. The game was great, Corbin did awesome I was so proud of him!

We got home around 7pm, made dinner, watched american idol, got kids ready for bed, we read and did landon's speech exercises, and then off to bed they went.

And now i'm chillin!!!

Just thought i'd share my day =)

I'd love to be able to add pictures to my posts like Janna does but I think I left my camera in Neely's car and I haven't had it for over 2 weeks. I should probably go look for it huh?