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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baseball Day

Today was Baseball day. Man am I exhausted. Right now we have 5 kids in the family playing in the Wythe little league.

Landon had a game at 9am, Corbin and Noveigh's game was at 1pm, Ethan and Jack's game was at 10am. The fields are all in the same area....one is the bigger field and then a smaller field behind it.

Landon had to be there at 830am, but because I stayed up to late last night we slept in. I woke up at 830 to Landon saying "Mommy what about my game". I felt horrible as my little guy was looking me with a sad look on his face. I jumped outa bed and ran around the house to get us all ready and out the door as fast as I could. Luckily the baseball fields are literally a minute down the street. We managed to get there at around 850am....game didn't start till 9 so we made it on time...but we were late for his warm up. Thank goodness he's only in Tball or he would have been yelled at for being late.
His game lasted about an hour, and right when his was done...Ethan and Jack's was starting. They are playing in the Majors this season so their games are pretty intense....and very entertaining.
Ethan and Jack are on different teams this year....and today's game their teams were playing eachother. So we stayed to watch. We walked over to the big field and sat with my parents and sisters who were already there. Their games last about 3hrs....by 12pm I had to leave to go get Corbin ready for his game.
We came home, got Corbin in his uniform and I fed them lunch....then back to the ball field we went....we had to be there by 1230.
Corbin and Noveigh's game started at 1pm and lasted till 3pm. The sun was shining the entire time we were there. It got pretty warm today too, well into the 70's. So I was out sitting at the baseball fields from 9am to 3pm. I now have a sunburn lol My first bit of sun of the season...i'm pretty happy about it. I'll get a headstart on my tan just attending the kids games!
Toward the end of Corbin and Noveigh's game we saw the clouds rolling in. And as we were leaving and walking to my car it started raining....talk about a close call. I'm so happy it held out for us. I was worried their game would get canceled. Once we got home it was storming, but a wonderful summer storm. It was warm rain, and you could still see the sun peeking thru the clouds. I couldn't help but stop and dance in it with the kids before heading inside =)

Even though I basically sat on bleachers all day, I can't help but feel incredibly exhausted from the long day. It was fun though, I love baseball and I love watching my kids play!