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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pool day with friends

Today we went to our neighborhood pool and invited our friends. There was just 4 mom's but a whole lotta kids lol

The kids had a great time jumping off the diving board with their friends, I enjoyed being able to go to the pool yet have company for myself.

We were there for about 3hrs and when I was calling the boys to come get ready to leave Corbin slipped on some water and scraped his knew and ankle. Yes it was bleeding but it was JUST a scrape. My child flipped out. For those that know him, he is very sensitive when it comes to blood. It's not the fact that he hurt himself..but that fact that the pain was accompanied by blood. So of course his face went white, I had to lay him on a lawn chair with a towel pressed to his wounds. He would not let me look at the cut or put a bandaid on it. I gave him his time...but after a good 15mins I said we have to go. I offered to carry him though. So I carried him to the car and I set him in the backseat. He looked down at his cuts and because I had removed the towel they were then fairly red with blood. He took one look at that, turned white and passed out.

I again layed him down in the car, gave him his time, waited for him to wake up and then drove home (just a couple blocks.) Once we got inside I made him walk and he went straight to his bed and fell asleep for about an hour.

This child...man I'm waiting for the day he grows out of this. I'd like to go one time with him hurting himself and him NOT fainting from the site of his own blood. It's so hard to deal with...it's almost always while we are out somewhere. Everytime another child is bleeding I have to watch Corbin very closely in fear that he will faint while on the swings, in a pool, on a ladder...anything. And most of our friends have boys so they get cuts quite often.

I'm just hoping he outgrows it! But until then I'll deal.