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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Aloha Elvis

Friday, May 9th.......We had our Aloha Elvis show. We arrived at the Suffolk Culteral Arts Center around 630pm, show started at 730. We found one of the people in charge and she showed us to our dressing room. Our dressing room was awesome! It was a huge room with a full wall of mirrors with big lights, a private bathroom, a private shower, lounge chairs, hangers for costumes....it was great. Right outside our dressing room was a lounge area where they had coffee and drinks for the "performers". We helped our self to some after the show.

We got in there and got ready, we actually ended up waiting around alot. We talked to Elvis before the show and met his daughter. He looked great in his white jumpsuit.

The show started a tad late, and his intro didn't go as he had planned...so you can imagine he was not happy. We were doing his 3rd song...he introduced us as his special guests and we came out. It was awesome being on the big stage and dancing while Elvis sang...we don't normally dance while people sing.

After that song we left the stage and went back to our dressing room. We got our stuff ready for the next portion of our show, we had to open the reception that followed. After a lot of miscommunication we finally figured out where they wanted us and what they wanted. They had us scheduled to go on at 915pm, yet the show wasn't even done yet. We waited and waited for people to get to the ballroom. Once we felt there were enough people in their we went ahead and went on. What we found was that no one really cared that we were dancing. They looked at us but not a single person clapped. Pretty rude if you ask me. So the reception didn't go how I would have liked...but oh well.

We got our picture with Elvis, but the Habitat people have to send it to me.

It was a new experience, something we've never done before. So many firsts that were associated with it. I'm very pleased that we were able to be a part of their event.

Only pictures I have are the few I took with my cell phone..so that's what these are....the getting ready pictures.