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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Recent Hula Shows

Friday night we had a Hula show in Yorktown. It was for a 6yr olds birthday party. Nothing to spectacular, just a normal average show. It was in a huge house though. She gave us her bedroom as a dressing room and it was amazing! They enjoyed the show and so did we.

Today we had anotheer show. This one was in Va beach, again for a child's birthday. A little boy turning 8yrs old. I think we were there more for the Mother then for the boy...he didn't seem to care.

This show we had some issues at. They needed us to bring our own sound system, but then Chris forgot to pack the power cord. We ended up having to use their tiny boombox that no one could hear. The kids enjoyed the show, but there was a misunderstanding about how long we would be dancing. So when we stopped the Mother asked us why we weren't doing more @@ She just didn't hear me on the phone but whatever...I had already given her a discount. So we stayed longer and did more teaching, but had more cd issues. The wind was blowing like crazy so our Tahitian headdresses were hard to keep on. All in all it was just a stressful show. But it's over and done with and i'm happy.

The pics are from today's show, in the bathroom as we were getting ready before the show.