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Friday, May 30, 2008

Navy show

This morning we had a Hula show. This was on down at the Norfolk navel station. They were having an Asianpacific appreciation day and they wanted some Hula dancers. This was a free/donation show. I had to be up at 630am to get my hair and makeup done. And then the kids up and dressed. We went to my mom's house by 730am. Dusty, Krista, Hannah, Neely met us there. My mother was kind enough to stay home from work to watch all the kids. She had my 2, Dusty's 3, Neely's 2 and Hannah's 1.....and she had to watch theseus when Marisha went to work and Ethan. So total in the house she had 10 kids all by herself lol she's a pro! Ages were 11,8,7,7,7,5,4,1,1,1.

So we head down to Norfolk and to the navy ID office where we were meeting a Cheif Hicks. We got there early. We were supposed to meet him there at 830am but we got there at 8am. We waited and waited and waited....it was almost 9am and he still wasn't there. We decided to drive around the parking lot to look for him and some lady stopped us and said "are you the hula girls" and we said yes and she said "chief hicks just left, he waited for you but had to leave". I was soooooooo mad. Dipwad didn't even bother to look around the parking lot for my car...instead he assumed we weren't there yet and just sat and waited.

So after he left he called my cell, I told him we were there waiting, and he said he'd send someone to get us. After this long wait we finally got escorted onto the base and into their theater.

We got there and had to rush and get our stuff on. We found that there were some other dancers there...some Samoan dancers. This was very intimidating...we still have the white girl complex and think everyone is judging us.

After we got dressed we went on, our show rocked! Everyone loved it! We had tons of participation. We got the chiefs and captians up and dressed them up and made them dance...it was hilarious.
After the show, we sat and watched the Samoan dancers...they were neat but not incredibly good. The adults were singing and playing instruments which was cool. but the young girls dancing looked miserable like they were forced to dance.
After they were done Chief hicks called us back on the stage for a last bow and we got a standing ovation. I was shocked and so thrilled they liked us that much!
We had tons of people coming up to us asking for cards, asking how I moved my hips that fast, we even had the Samoan speaker tell us about the polynesian fest this year and told us were really good and should dance at it. That was a super shock! It's one thing to be NICE and say we did a good job..it's another to tell us we are good enough to perform at the Polynesian fest.

It was very cool!! They are going to send us the pics taken by their photographer so i'll get pics sometime and i'll post them