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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Last year my Dad bought his first boat, a Sailboat. He's wanted one for a very long time. I was so excited when he decided to buy one cause I have always wanted a sailboat and to learn how to sail. Last year me and my Dad took lessons thru a guy my mom worked with.

After he bought the sailboat we went thru the summer trying to get the hang of it. Just the process of getting the boat out of the dock and then back in is incredibly hard. For the most part the boat has a mind of it's own. Its not like a car when you can just hit the breaks...no matter what the boat keeps floating and turning how it wants. So this process has been hard to learn and it freaks my dad out. My dad doesnt handle stress very well. So during this time he's usually screaming "Jenna! do this, or do that'. I have mini heart attacks each time.

The last few times we've been out it has all went smoothly, we felt like we were finally getting the hang of it. Well we went out on the boat this past Saturday and it was horrible.

We got all set and ready on the boat and we started to back up out of his spot at the dock. But for some reason as we were backing up the engine kept shutting off, and when this happens you can't turn. So we were almost all the way out of this tight spot and the engine shut off and we started to drift towards another boat. My dad started freaking out and I crapped one of the hooks and tried to press against the big boat we were coming up to fast and push us away but I didn't do it fast enough and we hit the boat. My dad looked like he was going to flip out and he was panicing. I pushed us away from the boat and we managed to get out into the water safely after that. But at this point we were all so freaked out and my dad didn't know what to do...we didn't know if we'd be able to get back in. We ancored for awhile so my dad could see if he could get the engine working right again. After awhile we just decided to head all the way out and then worry about getting back in when the time came. So we went ahead and sailed on. We had a wonderful time. The wind was strong and the waves were big. The boat went side ways a few time which totally freaked me out...but it's normal with sailing, I just wasn't used to that much wind. After a few hours we headed back in, I know my dad was freaking out...but luckly we made it back into our spot with no problems at all! After we were done my said said he may sell the boat, that it was just to much work...I really hope he doesnt, we just need more practice!

I love the pics I got


Janna said...

That looks like a blast! All of your pictures come out so flattering of people.