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Friday, May 2, 2008

This week

This week I have been imersed in Hula. We have a few things coming up next week. Saturday we are performing at the NN childrens festival, then May 9th we are doing a Habitat for humanity fundraiser...it's Aloha Elvis..so we are dancing the hawaiian wedding song while "elvis" sings it ...should be fun. Anyway we have a rehearsal with Elvis on Tuesday next week as well. So we've been working on some new dances which are complicated and we are having a rough time with them.

Monday we didn't do much, honestly I don't even remember what we did..but I know I had to watch Theseus till 2pm.
Tuesday was a Hula day, was doing that till around 4pm, David drove down, I went home made dinner, then we took a walk around the neighborhood and saw a River Otter in the bay..we thought it was pretty neat.
Wednesday I had to watch Theseus, David took Corbin to go mow my grandmothers lawn. I picked up jack at 3, then got landon and jack ready for their baseball games. We had to be there at 530, then after landon's game I had to pick up Ethan and Theseus...met my mother in NN at a burger king and gave her the baby and Ethan. Then the boys and I drove up further into NN to David's baseball game. He just joined a league with one of his friends and it was his first game.
We were there till almost 10pm. The kids loved watching daddy play, and David actually shocked me at how well he did. It was an exhausting day.
Thursday, was Hula practice again until around 3pm...and then baseball game...we got home around 8pm
Friday, today...I have a headache. I haven't done anything lol I do have hula practice around 530 though.
Tomorrow Saturday I have Landon's game at 9am, then home to get ready for show, then perform at 12pm, then get corbin to the field for his game by 2pm. so by 4pm I should be DONE! lol

Plans have started for Girls weekend in Va beach, and I need it BAD!!! I can't wait