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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dr Phil wants me!

So most of you know that David and I seperated back in Jan of '07. Then in Aug '07 we decided to give it another shot. At first it was something that he wanted but I didn't. During this time David decided to contact Dr. Phil. He thought maybe he could help us get past all of our issues.

In October of '07 David got a response to his Dr. Phil letter. We were both shocked. I was shocked cause I didn't know he had even written a letter to them. We were both shocked that he actually got a response. Guess he made us look pretty pathetic and interesting in his letter. David came to me and asked if I'd be interested in going on the show. Of course my response was HELL NO! I will not air my dirty laundry on national television. David was disapointed but didn't push the issue. We just went on with life and forgot about it.

Well last week they contact David AGAIN through email. David hadn't responded to the first email....but I guess we were interesting enough to contact us again. David told me about it and again I said HELL NO! David still wanted to do it. First off I am not one to talk in front of a group of people. I have a panic attack if I have to speak in front of more then 10people. There is no way I could sit on a stage and speak. David doesnt understand this because he loves to talk and has no problem speaking to large numbers of people...but it's not for me. So I thought this whole Dr Phil thing was a closed discussion.

Well yesterday, David was down here and we were sitting on the couch talking and his phone rings. He I think thought it was a customer of his but nope it was a staff member from the Dr Phil show. I couldn't help but laugh at this....man they are really trying! I listened to the conversation and basically David told them that things were better for us. They then said that either way they would like to help us and to really consider doing the show or at least take their help in some way. David told them that he would talk to me. He got off the phone and we both started laughing. OMG the Dr Phil show wants us bad. Out of all the millions of people that write their show they are contacting US.

There is no way i'm going to do the show, but it's nice to be wanted lol


Janna said...

I'm a big avocate for marriage counselors. I enjoy watching Dr. Phil, but I think I'd have the same response as you. Although I would love to have you visit this area!