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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My days

My days lately have consisted of morning time with the kids, schoolwork, laundry, some packing, taking Ethan to math, Hula practice, picking up Jack, taking kids to baseball games or practices, home to make dinner, eat dinner, baths, bedtime, and then I get to relax and watch my shows and check emails.

That's an average day of mine. Nothing all that new or interesting...but even so they are busy days.

David came down on Monday night. He hasn't been here in 2 weeks. His employee Marty quit the other day so this is going to make him visiting us very hard. He didn't get here till the kids were in bed on Monday night. So we just sat and hung out till we got tired. It was nice to finally see him after 2 weeks. 2 weeks of being alone and dealing with the kids alone.

Tuesday David took the kids out to run errands and then to the beach while I had my Hula meeting. Then we had this huge thunderstorm which was awesome so we sat on the porch and enjoyed it with the kids. That night after the kids were in bed David and I watched Hell's kitchen...one of our favorite shows. I convinced David to let me do a facial mask on him lol that was hilarious. But hey his skin was really soft afterwards =)

Today's been fairly boring. I haven't felt good. We hung out at home, did laundry, played with kids, went to a pizza place for dinner. And then watched the finale of American Idol! So happy David Cook won!!
I have a Hula show in the morning so I got everything together that is needed and i'm off to bed.