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Thursday, May 29, 2008

It was a "Boo Boo" day

So yesterday (Wed) I headed out to take Landon to his Speech class. The school is just down the street so I drop him off and then pick him up 45mins later. Well I left Corbin at home with Marisha and we headed to the car.

As I walked to the car I guess I wasn't paying attention cause suddenly I tripped and was laying on my side in the mud. Normally I would have jumped up as fast as I could from embarrassment...but this time I was in a lot of pain that I just sat there. Landon was looking at me like I was crazy but I was fighting back tears. My legs hurt, my feet hurt, my hands hurt. I looked around to see what I had tripped on but I couldn't find anything. I think I just forgot to step down off the pavement lol

We were late for speech so I just got up and headed to the school. We went to the office, sat and waited as his teacher was paged. Of course a few minutes later we were told that his Teacher wasn't even there that day....WTH? I love it when she does that to me @@

We headed back home and once I got there I was able to see the damage I had done by my fall. I skinned up both my knees as well as the tops of my feet. I have a huge bruise on my angle and it hurts to walk on it. I used to fall as a kid and i'd be fine...but I fall as an adult and I totally mess myself up.

Luckily I wear a long grass skirt for all of our upcoming shows so I won't have to show off my mangled legs.

Oh and then last night when Landon was getting out of the bath, somehow he scraped his hand on the doors to the shower. So he basically took off a couple layers of skin from his fingers...it was pretty gross and bleeding. I had to use 3 bandaids to give it all...poor guy =( He doesnt go a day without skinning something on his body.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised being that he's an active boy. But Corbin rarely hurt himself...still to this day rarely does. But Corbin is more causious as well. Landon has NO fear....so his legs are covered in scars from scrapes and he always is covered in bruises lol my tough guy.