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Saturday, May 24, 2008


The boys come and wake me up this morning saying there is a man at the front door. I heard my dog going crazy. The boys said it was APX, I had no clue who it was but I jumped outa bed...threw some pants on, pulled my hair back and ran down the stairs. So there I was with black under my eyes from make up, a thin tight baby tee with no bra and some sweats. I felt and looked pretty gross.

Of course when I walk down the stairs and I see that this APX guy is a very tall good looking man. I was thinking "why why why??" Now my front door is all windows, so you can see everything. Once I walked down the stairs I couldn't just not answer the door because he saw me @@

So I suck it up and answer, he goes on to tell me who he is and what he does. APX is a security system company...so basically he was trying to sell me a security system.
I let him go thru his little speil and I stood their and listened. The boys were right there as well as my dog. I kept the screen door shut the whole time cause of the dog.

Well out of no where Landon starts saying "You like the APX man" and giggling. I was mortified. Where did that come from? he's never said anything like that. I mouthed to him "SHUT UP". The guy just laughed a little. Then he asked me how many were in our family...I said "WE have two kids". Then Corbin went on to tell the guy that we were going to his dad's that weekend. Man asked if he lived around here and Corbin told him DC. So now this man knows I live alone and thinks I like him. My face was all kinds of red. At this point I told him I was no in the market for the system and he finally left me alone.

I should have said that in the beginning lol