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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why you should never work with family

Thursday our Hula group got together for a practice. The first half of it was fine, but the last half was horrible. An arguement started between two of the girls, and I tried to help mediate because these two poeple seemed to be saying exactly the same thing but neither was listening to the other.
By doing so the arguement got turned on me and got to a point where I just got up and left the house. I talked to one of the girls NOT fighting later and she was telling me that I had to apologize for things I said or did like a year ago and it made no sense to me. I had to sit thru Corbin's baseball game that night still very upset. I was on and off the phone all day long incredibly stressed. I had no clue what to do. Later that night I text the person who was mad at me and proceded to have a 2hr text conversation with them. In the end it all got resolved and we are starting over with a clean slate. No more stress, no more drama, maybe now we can be a HAPPY hula group instead of a miserable one.