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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Attack of the zipper

So I sent Corbin to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He was in there for about 2 minutes when suddenly he started yelling out "OW OW"...and crying. Clearly a pain cry. My first thought was a cavity, David's first thought was that he fell off the sink counter. I run into the bathroom to see what is the matter. Corbin is standing near the doorway looking down at himself and holding onto his pajamas. You see Corbin was wearing one of those zippered footy Pj's, and well.......................no underwear.
I look down and his litte penis is stuck in the zipper. My very first thought was Something about Mary. But I quickly examined it and was able to pull the zipper down and release it right away. It wasn't stuck to bad, basically just pinched. But once I got it released I couldn't help but laugh...I tried to keep it inside I really did. I wasn't all that successful but I did my best.
I hugged him and conforted him as he cried. Then I explained how we need to wear underwear with those types of Pj's from now on. Once he was calm he went on to brush his teeth. I left the room as fast as I could and laughed my ass off in the livingroom...making sure to keep it down of course.
Can you believe that, my son got his penis stuck in his zipper lol poor guy


Janna said...

Poor Corbin! I was cringing the whole time I was reading your blog. I think if I were Corbin those pajamas would be burned!