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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jack's Birthday

Today was like most other Saturdays...filled with Baseball, Baseball, and more Baseball. We went to Landon's game from 830-10am. Then over to Ethans game until 11am, then home to get Corbin changed and back by 1130am. Corbin's game started at 12pm, as well as Jack's. So I sat and watched Corbin's game until almost 2pm, and then over to the big field to catch the end of Jack's game.

I was pretty tired when it was all over so back to home we went. I tried to rest for a bit, I knew I had to be up and out the door again for Jack's birthday party.

So after resting for a bit, shower, fed kids, got myself ready, got the kids ready...we were finally out the door. We headed to Walmart to get Jack's birthday present (Hello, my name is Jenna and I am a procrastinator). After we shopped we headed to the Lazer tag place.

My kids have never played Lazertag and I have only done it once when I was like 15yrs. We got in their and into our stuffy room. The kids sat around and ate pizza, then when they were done we all went in for our Lazertag game. Corbin was kinda freaked out by it, he was scared it was going to be creepy....he lets these kinds of fears hold him back all the time. I was not going to let him chicken out even though he tried.

Not many of the adults wanted to play, but I was all for it! So it was all the kids, me and Ashley and we convinced Lauren and her boyfriend Rob to do it. But Marisha, hannah, Dad, and mom all said no....what party poopers @@

We got in there and had to play against this group of 12yr old boys....we got creamed...they were vicious lol Everytime I turned around I was surrounded lol I had a blast though.
After our game we did cake and presents...and Lauren had paid for a 2nd game so we got all set up to do it again. This time Lauren said she didn't want to play so it was all the kids, myself, Ashley and Rob (Laurens BF). This time we rocked, we killed the blue team. The kids left the Lazer tag place beaming from ear to ear. They LOVED it, especially Corbin....hehe I knew he would...Mother's knows best!

Jack had a wonderful birthday, but I think my kids enjoyed it even more!