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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Costume Contest

Saturday the 25th was the Air and Space Museums big Halloween Bash! This is one of our FAVORITE October activities!!

Corbin and Noveigh have been won the costume contest pretty much every year since they were born. My sister Neely is extremely creative and puts together some amazing costumes.

This year they were going as Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein...except they were both going to be half and half...cut right down the middle..very gross.

We considered breifly that Corbin might not handle the gruesome costume that well but we figured if he watched the make up being put on then it wouldn't be a problem....boy were we wrong!

Our day started out pretty hectic with baseball games, missing costumes, trips to the store things like that.

We met at my Mother's house around 2pm, the party started at 4pm. My sister Neely started on Noveigh's makeup first. Once she got the wax on and had it looking like she had a cut down her face Corbin took one look at her and almost passed out.

I had to lay him down for quite a while. Ever so often I would have him check her out again and he would react in the same way. I got him food, orange juice...anything that I thought would help keep his blood sugar up and maybe prevent his fainting. NOTHING was working. His imagination had taken hold of him and he couldn't stand up for more then 2 mins without coming close to fainting.

By 4pm I gave up trying, I ran back to my house and grabbed some clothes for him to go as a Rock star. I explained to him that he would just have to stay away from Noveigh but if he couldn't stop then he'd have to stay home....he managed to just not look at her and he stayed pretty far away from her then entire evening.

It was very frustrating for both Corbin and I....we both were in tears at one point. This was the very first year that they would not be going as a couple. The very first year that Corbin would not be competing in the contest...all because we chose something gruesome...I wish we hadn't.

In the end the party went great!

Noveigh walked alone in her half Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein and a sign that read Just married...together forever! She of course won 1st place!!!

Rainer and Tobey went as Bert and Ernie...they did not place at all but they were sooo darn cute!

Theseus went as a Firedancers...the crowd loved him he danced nonstop. He won 2nd place..even though the crowd thought he should have been 1st.

Ethan went as the Mad Scientist...and for the first time he won 1st place!!

Jack wore a store bought costume and didn't even compete....Corbin walked the contest but of course didn't get pulled.

Landon went as a Newsie...omg he was so freaking cute yelling "Extra Extra". He got pulled as a finalist but in the end didn't place at all. But he got an honorably mention and was asked to say his little thing over the microphone!

Neely went as a peacock and won 3rd place.

So my kids didn't win anything, but our family did great!

Ok for some reason it won't let me upload pictures so i'll try in a different post


Janna said...

I always look forward to your Halloween pictures. You all are so creative! Poor Corbin. He doesn't have any aspirations as a doctor or anything, does he?