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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Baby Connor update

Connor is still in the hospital in Richmond. They have tried weaning him off the oxygen and nitricoxide that he's on. He got very low and almost off both when he condition flared up again and he was put back on 100% oxygen. It seems to be a roller coaster for him and his parents. I'm so sad for Krista and Ed and I'm so worried about Connor. They started weaning again today, just 3% per hour. We'll have to see if he can handle it again...it's just a waiting game.
I've been asked if they need anything....No they don't. The hospital is letting them stay there for however long the room there is available which I think is wonderful that they get to be in the same building as their baby. There is a webcam set up so when they are not in the room they can sit and watch him all they want. Touching him has to be to a minimum because they don't want him stimulated so I know that's been really hard on Krista...she just wants to hold her baby!

Again please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!! Thanks


Polly said...

I'm still thinkign of baby Connor. Though no tthe same thing I can relate to what they are going though. A great gift for them would be gift cards for food. They are on the go so much they prob eat out a lot so it would be handy for people to give them GC's to help with the expense.

Janna said...

Thank you for the update, Jenna!