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Monday, October 6, 2008

Baby Connor Update

In the last couple days a lot has happened! Connor was weaned off of the nitricoxide as well as the oxygen. They removed the breathing tube..he transitioned over to the tube that goes under the nose but is not off that as well! They removed the ivs going into his umbilical cord so Mommy and Daddy got to hold in for the first time since he was born!!

Krista even got to try breastfeeding him. Originally she was told that they only wanted him to be given the colostrum that she had stocked up on but could offer him an empty breast. Well within the first day of him being off everything they told her that she could try to breastfeeding from the breast with her mature milk. They of course are struggling a bit being that he's never sucked on anything since birth and now 3 weeks later he's trying to breastfeed.

Today was big news, he got transported back to a local hospital here! yay! He doesnt need the extensive care anymore and now just has to stay in the hospital until he is feeding well and thriving....so hopefully that won't take long and he will get to FINALLY go home with his parents!!

There were a lot of very scary moments the last few weeks. Moments where there was talk of Ecmo, talks of him possibly NOT getting better. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers baby Connor will get to go home soon!


Janna said...

Praise God! I was praying for him and the parents. I can't even imagine being in their position. Thank God he might be home soon!