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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Luau for Link

I mentioned the Luau for Link in my last post. The is a wonderful event that is taking place this coming Sunday.

My Mother works for Link as a Social worker. Link is an organization that helps low income family as well as homeless find jobs and housing. They also provide food, furniture, toys for kids...basically things that anyone would need. Well normally they would hold a food drive, but this event if a cleaning drive. They are taking donations from people such as cleaning products, personal feminine products ect.

Now my sister Marisha works for an Event planning business called MLM events. Well MLM events is putting together the cleaning drive. They are the organizors FOR Link. So my sister Marisha has been doing all the planning and work for the entire thing. This event was originally scheduled for Sept 6th but we had Tropical storm Hannah come through here so it had to be rescheduled.

Marisha came to our Hula group and asked us if we would be the entertainment for the event....of course we said yes =) I suggested making the entire event Luau themed to help us Hula girls fit in better. So it was then named "Luau for Link".

The event has recieved a lot of attention. Radio stations and TV stations will be there. Huge publicity for our Hula group!

Well this past week our local TV station Channel 13 asked Marisha to come in and do an on air interview about the event. Of course she said jumped at it, and then suggested having one of the Hula girls come in as well. So it was decided my other sister Hannah would be the one to go in and do it. It was live and aire this past Monday. The boys and I sat and watched them and it was so great. Marisha did great talking even though she was clearly nervous and then Hannah danced in our big Tahitian costume.

Here is a link to the full interview....go check it out =)