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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Instructor on a power trip

So last night around 6:30pm we all headed out the door to take Landon to his first Tae Kwon Do class.
I have never really been into the whole Karate/Tae Kwon Do thing. When my boys were younger I swore I would NEVER allow them to do it. Of course like everything else I learned my lesson...as a parent...NEVER say Never.

Ok so the reason why I finally gave in and put my dislike for Karate aside. The boys have taken a good amount of classes. I have always wanted to try different things. They have done gymnastics, dance, Acting/drama, and then their sports soccer and baseball. They LOVE their sports!

I had decided that the boys were going to do Fall soccer. Beginning of August I looked into sign ups and realized that I had missed them =( The kids were disapointed. We then had to commit to Fall Baseball instead. This time I didn't miss the sign up and the day of I took the boys down to the sign up location. I even called up a friend whose son is the same age as Landon so she could sign Owen up as well.
I go in to fill out the paperwork and one of the woman inform me that Landon won't be able to participate because of his age. WTH! Come to find out that in the Fall they do not do Tball, and you have to be 6 to be in Machine pitch.
So there we were, I had to look at Landon as well as my friend and her son Owen and tell them that they couldn't play...I felt so bad. I went ahead and signed Corbin up and figured I'd find something fun for Landon to do instead.

This is where the Tae Kwon Do comes in. I told Landon he could pick anything he wanted and this is what he wanted.
So Tuesday night we took him to his first class. We walk into a very large room in the community center. The instructor comes up and talks to us. I can tell right away that I didn't like him. Something about how he spoke to me, how he spoke to Landon, and how he carried himself....it all rubbed me the wrong way.
The other students....well let's see...4 of them were adults and mentally challenged, and the other 4 were about 5yrs older then Landon. He was the youngest, smallest and probably the smartest. The entire thing felt weird. The mentally challenged students were shouting a lot, saying random things, couldn't really participate very well. But what got me was that the instructor yelled at them a lot. Everytime they would yell something he would yell back "QUIET". The whole thing was odd.
He brought Landon over to us half way thru the class and said that he thought it was to much information for him and that he should leave early so he wasn't overwhelmed. At this point I had already decided that we would not be returning so I wanted Landon to get a full class just for fun...but this guy just didn't get that @@ So we went ahead and left early.

Now I hadn't paid yet, they were allowing us to have a trial class before actually signing him up...thank goodness cause I would have lost my money. We will not be returning. Landon DID enjoy himself though. Just watching for that short time I can see how this type of thing can really be a good thing for some kids. It really does help channel their energy. I think it's the perfect thing for a child like Landon. We will be looking into other Tae kwon do locations...preferably where he can be with kids his own age!!!