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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

going going going

It's 5:30pm and I am exhausted. I seriously am not the kind of Mother that can be on the go constantly. I need some breaks in between activities or I get a headache.

Today started by having to get up for my weekly Hula meeting. Now on a normal week this would not be an issue, but last night David and I went out on a date to Keagans for Karaoke (David's choice not mine). So I didn't really get to bed until about 3am.
I dragged my butt outa bed and got us out the door.

At our Hula meeting we started a new Tahitian dance...exhausting. And there is a huge chance I'll have to perform it this coming Saturday so I had to put a good amount of energy into doing it.

By 12:15pm I had to get ready to leave with the kids, I had signed us up for a Homeschool workshop at the Air and Space Museum. I wasn't sure where my check book was so we left a tad early ....workshop started at 1pm.

I searched my car and house and couldn't find the checkbook anywhere...I needed it to pay for the workshop. I had to run back to Neely's house and ask her to give me one of her checks. I was taking her daughter with me so she really couldn't say no.

Then it was around 12:40 and I ran to Mcd's for some hamburgers for the kids...I knew they'd get hungry. We just made it to the Museum right on time.

We got to see an IMAX film called "Stormchasers"....that was pretty neat! Then for about 2hrs we had lessons on weather taught by 2 Meteorologists. This part wasn't as fun for the boys....Landon was struggling to sit still.

Once the lesson was over they got to ask questions, play with some weather gadgets and then we had free reign of the Museum till it closed at 5pm.

The kids of course had a blast exploring the place, we've been there a million times but it never seems to get boring for them.

I'm home now, taking a short break before making the kids dinner (still have noveigh) and then taking Landon to his first Taek won do class (sp?).

I'm sleepy, I want a nap =(


Pam said...

Sounds like very full day! If it make syou feel any better...I was really tired on Tuesday too!