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Friday, December 19, 2008

Lazy day

Today we have been hanging at home. Not really by choice because David can't find the keys to his car so he had to take my car to work today.

We've been hanging out catching up on some of my favorite shows, cleaning, laundry...just normal stuff.

The boys have stayed busy as well with school work, tv shows, putting away the laundry I am continuesly setting on their beds, legos and Corbin's new thing...Grand chase on the computer.

I had no clue what this thing was until my brother Ethan got all the other kids into it. It's basically just a website you go onto and create a character and then have little battles with other characters online. Basically all the kids get on at the same time so they can play with eachother.

Today Corbin has been on and off the phone with his Cousin Noveigh. He puts her on speaker phone and then they play the game together while talking. I was listening to their conversation and it was hilarious.

Corbin: Ok i'm in room 224
Noveigh: Ok looking for it now
Corbin: Hurry up their is only one more slot left, get in the room! (screaming)
Noveigh: I am trying, geez!
Corbin: Oh I see you now, finally, ok let's get the part started
Noveigh: is level sword do you have? ( I have no clu ewhat this means)
Corbin : I'm only a level 1 sword cause I just joined

Ok this conversation went on for a LONG time. They were so involved in this game and so dramatic about it all.

I did go sit and watch him play the game for awhile, because I was very unaware of what the entire thing was I wanted to make sure it was appropriate. Luckily there is no chatting or anything which is what would make me uncomfortable. It's just characters playing a game and trying to beat levels....it's cute.

Landon has been playing with Legos all day. He's really shown a big interest in them lately. He makes all kinds of houses, space ships, cars, or just random shapes. I really want to add to their lego collection for Christmas...they are just so darn expensive =(

I shoul d keep an eye on Ebay and get them for his Birthday in Feb!

I should get back to cleaning, I'm using this blog as an excuse to sit and do nothing lol