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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Free at last!

The last week and a half have been very stressful for me. As I wrote before my friend Dusty had to leave town due to her Father in laws passing. I was asked by her to help watch her sister's children while she was gone. Her sister moved here from Wisconsin to "get back on her feet" basically. Dusty being a loving sister took on the job of day care provider for her Niece and Nephew so her Sister could get a job. This is why I was asked to cover for Dusty. I was more then happy to do whatever I could to help her out. After just having a baby and then having to leave 2 days after she was born to drive to IL for a funeral.


Babysitting started last Tuesday. I had to get the kids off the bus and watch them until Diana got off work...this was about 3hrs. Of course 3hrs with 4 kids feels like 10hrs. Weds they had half day so it was 5hrs, which felt like 15. Thurs and Fri were 3hrs but Saturday....Oh boy that was from 730am to 6pm. I had to leave for a Hula show at 5pm so David covered for me until she picked them up.
On that VERY LONG day Sebastian who is 6 decided to climb a tree in my back yard. I have no problem with the boys doing this as long as they can get themselves back down. I have had to help Corbin out of a tree so many times that he now knows to just stay out of them. But on this day Seba decided to climb this tree. I guess his foot slipped and he then fell outa of the tree and hit his head and hurt his back. I ran outside, checked him out and then brought him in. He seemed fine just a little shell shocked. He layed on the couch to rest, but then ended up falling asleep.
I guess this alarmed Corbin because he came and got me saying "Seba is asleep, is he ok?" I checked on him and tried waking him up but he was very groggy and wouldn't stay awake. I got very nervous and thought maybe he had a concusion or something. I was so scared I would have to make a trip to the ER, something i've NEVER had to do before (knock on wood) and it would be with someone else's child.
I decided to wait it out a bit and I let him sleep but kept attempting to wake him. I think my gut was telling me that he was fine and that he was just over tired from being up so early. I did at one point get him to follow my finger and he was able to and I tickled him and got a smile...that put me at ease. After about an hour of him sleeping I was able to get him to stay awake. This was right before I had to walk out the door and leave them with DAvid. I felt really bad about that.
I called Diana after I left and I told her what happened. I told her if he started puking later she might want to get him checked out. Thank goodness all was fine and she told me he had a late night and was up to early so he was just exhausted....whew I got lucky.

Sunday Diana finally had a day off and I got a break. It wasn't a full break though because David had to work all day and then had his work xmas party that night...I managed to get myself out of going lol David told everyone I had a Hula show lol But I still had my kids ALL day and all night...so no break for me.

Monday I was back to babysitting again, this time till 10pm at night and then again on Tuesday...which was my very last day!

I am now free, free at last!

They were not bad kids, maybe a tad ADHD but not bad kids. But the combination of my boys and two extra kids drained me beyond belief. By the last day all the kids were bickering and fighting...you could tell they had had enough of eachother.

Now it's back to normal life with just my boys...well as normal as it can be right before Christmas.


Janna said...

Yikes! That would scare me, too. It sounds like you handled all those boys and accidents very well.