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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shoes Shoes Shoes!!!

Hi, my name is Jenna and I am a Shoe-aholic.

I have so many pairs of shoes I lost count. I'm sure I could count them all but who the hell has time for that....and whats the point anyway. But I do love shoes. If I see a cute pair I just have to have them!
I have mulitiple pairs of flip flops, different types of sneakers and different colors and styles. Tons of boots, ankle, mid calf, knee high ...all with different style heels and colors. I have tons of sandles and Heels/pumps...different colors and styles. I just can't help myself! I don't even wear half of these that often. But it's awesome when I find a cute shirt or dress and I think to myself "I have the cutest shoes to go with this dress" lol It's an addiction like I said.
Luckily I'm a super thrifty shopper. I love thrift stores and consignment shops. Pretty much every pair that i've puchased has been from there. And if it's from a regular store they are always on clearance.

Now some people might think that if you puchase from a thrift store or clearance then that means they are not in style anymore...but I completely disagree!!! Almost everything I buy is still in style..it's just a matter of looking hard for what you want!

Sunday night I went thrift store shopping and I hit jackpot IMO when I found these 2 very adorable pairs of heels. They are different from anything I already have which just makes them even better!!

One pair was 2.98 and the other 4.98.....I just had to share my great find and my love for shoes!


Janna said...

Wow! You go, Girl! I wish I knew how to do thrift stores like you do. You're amazing!

Janna said...
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Becca said...

I recently organized my shoes and I have about 35 pairs including slippers, flip-flops etc. I'd love to know how many you have!