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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Been Busy

I haven't blogged in awhile. Mainly because i've been so busy. Very little time to do anything online. My internets been acting up as well...very tempermental...Oh and not to mention my computer was broke for about 3 days until my Dad had time to fix it. Things have finally calmed down a bit and I am able to sit for a few and write.

November's been so crazy for us. I've had at least 2 birthday parties every weekend to attend. Half being kid parties and other half being adult going out parties.

My little sister Hannah turned 23 on the 10th, we all went out to Mcfaddens. It was an interesting night which ended with one of the girls throwing up in the bathroom, losing her phone, throwing up outside near the car, talking to the cops about getting her home, and Hannah thinking her night got ruined lol It was so dramatic while it was happening but when I look back on it it was pretty comical.

The following weekend one of my best friends turned 30! She wanted to have a Girls night out at Granby Theater..which is a club. We rented a hotel ..had dinner and danced all night. I know she had a great time and i'm glad I could be there for it...but boy was I exhausted! Those two weekends in a row tired me out.

Here's a picture of Erica's 30th..................
The day after Erica's bday I had to be at another birthday party but this was a kid party. So I got home the next day only to pick up the kids and rush to the other party. At this one our Hula group put on a show...in the freezing cold..not fun =(
This was Bailley and Ryans birthday/going away party...they are moving to Hawaii in December. Corbin has a huge crush on Bailly and he made up a song to sing her. Corbin and Noah sang this song, while corbin played(tried to play) the guitar. They did it in front of EVERYONE! All the kids and all the parents...I was so proud of him! Bailly was embarrassed but her mother said she loved it.
This past Weds and left the kids home with David and I went to go visit my good friend Vicki. She just recently gave birth to a baby girl about 3 weeks ago. I hadn't been able to visit due to sickness but I was finally feeling well enough. I spent about 3 hours with her just hanging out at her house with her 1yr old and the new baby...I think she needed some adult interaction...poor thing had her two babies so close together. New baby Ellie is beautiful!!!
Thursday, we went over to Dusty's house to meet Dusty and Vicki ....our attempt at getting vicki out of her house for a bit. The kids played, we talked and enjoyed holding Ellie.
The last couple days I've stayed home, catching up on Laundry and doing some deep cleaning...much needed deep cleaning lol
I just got a job, well a small job. I'm going to be watching twin 4yr olds twice a week. I really need the money before christmas and this popped up at just the right time!! I start this coming Tuesday lol hopefully it goes well!
Tonight we are just hanging at home....might get a bottle of wine =)