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Sunday, March 8, 2009

This weekend

Friday night David, the boys and I drove up to DC so I could attend a Hula workshop the next day.
David's old coworker Marty was so kind to offer his house to us so I could get a good nights sleep before having to dance all day Saturday. We didn't get to Marty's till about 9pm that night due to David getting stuck in tunnel traffic coming home from work.
Marty was up and waiting for us, we let the boys watch some tv before I put them to bed. After they were asleep David, Marty and myself sat outside with a glass of wine and chatted. I really hadn't spoken to Marty much before then. He's a 60yr old man who lives alone and seems quite lonely. I enjoyed his company and found that he was actually a very interesting guy. I headed to bed after my wine and the men stayed up for a bit after that.

I had to be up by 7am the next morning to get ready and drive the hour drive to Arlington. I struggled a bit on Saturday but Marty being the kinda man he is had gotten up and made me coffee to take on the road.
I was very lucky I didn't hit any DC traffic, I actually got there 30mins early. I had time to get a bottle of water at Rite aid and relax my nerves a bit. I was very anxious and nervous about attending this workshop. Mainly because I was doing it ALONE. Last year all of us Hula girls went together. I felt very strange not knowing anyone(or so I thought)

At about 915 I decided to head inside and check in. As I was walking towards the check in table a girl stopped me and said "Jenna?, it's me Kristen from the BF group". It took me a second to figure out what she was talking about but when I realized I was shocked! This is a girl that I have ONLY known online. About 8yrs ago I was part of a BF online support group and she was one of the girls. We have stayed in touch and check in ever so often with eachother. So 8yrs later I run into her at a Hula workshop of all places....how odd is that? lol
Turns out her Mother is the one has danced the longest, so she came with her mother, sister who both dance a little bit. She had never done it before but thought it would be fun to try. It was a pleasant surprise to see a familiar face even if it was someone I had never met in person.

The Workshop went very well, I learned a lot about the Kahiko style of Hula which is the ancient style...lots of Chanting and playing of the Ipu drum. It was very cool and I loved being there. It also was great exercise. We danced from 10am to 12pm straight with tiny water breaks in between. Then we had lunch from 12 to 1pm and then danced again till 3pm. I have to say today I am hurting!!!! lol

While I was there David, Marty and the boys went fishing, had lunch, went to a park...they had gotten back to his house right before I showed up around 5pm. We left shortly after that to head back home.

We got home around 830 and then had some friends over to hang out for awhile. Rachel and John came over and we put their two kids and mine in the Tv room with a movie and they all fell asleep. We then hung out on my porch till we all got tired and wanted to head to bed.

Today, well i'm just glad to be home and after the exhausting day yesterday I just want to veg. I'm still in my Pj's and don't plan on doing much today lol