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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Landon

Feb 3rd was Landon's 6th Birthday. David was off work that day so we went out to spend the day as a family. We let Landon pick where we had lunch. He picked a Chinese buffet which was nice and cheap lol Of course we had to tell them that Landon was 5yrs old so we could get his food for 2.99 instead of the 4.99 it would be if we said he was 6. He barely eats anything anyway so I didn't feel bad lying.

He then decided he wanted to go to Chuck E Cheeses. Not my favorite place in the world. It was a weekday and hardly anyone was there which made it more enjoyable. I had my printed out coupons so it only ended up costing us like 20 for like 150 tokens. We were there for about 2hrs and Landon had a blast.

I had a Hula show that evening and I felt guitly about it. I told DAvid to take the kids to the grocery store and let them pick out their dinner. I believe they ended up picking Kid Cuisines. They sat and watched Stuart little 3 with Daddy while I was at the show. When I got home they were fed and happy. They had went to the Dollar tree and bought Balloons for Baylin. So after I ate we all went down by the water and sang our song to Baylin and let his 6 balloons go. Just something we do every year. Then off to bed the kids went and the day was over.

I think Landon had a nice day but his birthday is FAR from over.

I was originally going to do his birthday this weekend but David got asked to do a sale in Chicago so he left Thurs night and won't be back until Sunday night.

So next weekend we are doing Landon's family party, this is just dinner, presents, cake. Then the following weekend we are doing a combined kids party with a friend of ours. Her daughter is turning 4. So he's going ot have like a month of birthdays ....lucky kid =)


Janna said...

Happy Birthday, Landon and Baylin!